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Bit by bit we are slowly finding, scanning and adding more and more writings about and by L-15 (Bernard G. Schatz) visit often.


A Time Line of Articles (and videos)      
Prior to 1963 items will be added re: L-15 aka Cheyanne Schatz; Obediah Klowder, Ken Barger etc.



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VIDEO: Part 1 & 2: The Artist "Cheyanne Schatz" (before he became L-15) appeared on the Steve Allen Show 7 times.
The 1st time was on Aug. 1, 1963
There were an estimated 11 appearances of Cheyanne Schatz on the Steve Allen Show before Bernard Schatz decided to retire the act. This page contains 3 of those early appearances, each made into 2 parts.
VIDEO: Part 1 & 2: The 2nd time was on Aug. 15, 1963.  
VIDEO:Part 1 & 2: The 3rd time was on Nov. 15, 1963  
VIDEO: Part 1 & 2: Cheyanne Schatz "One of a Kind" mid 1960's Michael Vidor Directed a Documentary on Cheyanne Schatz and his store for KCET Educational Television's "One of a Kind" series that at that time included Dizzy Gillespie, Upton Sinclair, Cellist Gregor Piatigorski & Simon Rodia, creator of the Watts Towers. Scroll to the bottom 2 videos on this page
Note, the movie thumbnail scene for part 1 documents the "Hex Blocks" that you also will see at the 7:45 time stamp in this movie. They have yet to be detailed for this web site, but some snapshot images can be found here.
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VIDEO: 1983 Virginia Tech Documentary (parts 1 & 2) Glen Lyn, West VA  
There is a more than 3 minute description by L-15 of his Multiple Material Sculptures' materials and artistic process between the 3:00 and 6:30 time stamp of part 1 of his 1983 documentary. Twenty Years...BERNARD SCHATZ: Sculptor
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From 1984 West Virginia newspaper article Entertainer Turns To Mountains And His True Passion...Sculpting by Dorothy Gast; Bluefield Daily Telegraph, May 9, 1984 p25
The article references moving from California 11 years before;
Schatz decides to go public in 1982 with help from Ray Kass of the Virginia Tech Art Dept. "Kass says that Schatz's work has more kinship to mountain folk art than to city art, even though Schatz is from Los Angeles. 'It's almost like he made the art first, then intuitively found his home,' said Kass, a professor at Tech…'It's an urgent expression of self that conforms to no established school of art."'
Barbara Diver, New York art dealer visits Schazt's studio / gallery and buys some of his art.
"GLEN LYN, Va – With a collapsing porch and rotting wooden walls, Bernard Schatz' art gallery is as atyical as its owner. A successful California entertainer turned physical therapist, Schatz abandaned a familiar life for a mountain meadow on the Virginia-West Virginia line and his true passion – sculpting."


From the 1985 gallery brochure for the Southern Visionary Folk Artists exhibit, (January 11––February 10) [Link to L-15 featured art] The Jargon Society in cooperation with The Sawtooth Center for Visual Design presents SOUTHERN VISIONARY FOLK ARTISTS, at the R. J. Reynolds Gallery, Winston Square, 226 North Marshall Street, Winston-Salem, N. C.
BERNARD SCHATZ (a.k.a. "L-15") works in an apparently abaondoned barn in the Virginia moutains, where he creates idiosyncratic pieces that tread the boundaries of primitive, visionary and anti-art. A former entertainer, perfomance artist and one-man band, he operated a dadaesque art "store" in California during the mid-1960s. There he blurred the distinction between high and low art by selling art "by the pound," printing books like How to Slaughter Cattle for Fun and Profit, and setting up artificial companies like The Barger Decorated-Horse Factory. Since moving to Virginia in 1973, L-15 has produced sculptures that clinically analyze his visions of brutality, sex and death in an oddly humorous, if baffling style. (Link to complete brochure)
VIDEO: 1985 VA Tech Documentary of performance at Morgan's Restaurant in Blacksburg, similar in description to performance at the Nexus Theater in Atlanta as mentioned in the 1986 Art Papers above. "Jargon Society's Visionary Folk art Exhibition: A perfomrance and Slide Presentation Presented by the VA Tech Art Department & Mountain Lake Art Symposium in cooperation with the Jargon Society, Winston-Salem N.C. Scroll down to the 3rd and 4th videos


From Jan/Feb 1986 Art Papers 10th anniversary Vol. 10 No.1 Tom Patterson, contributing editor to Art Papers writes of L-15 as artist and performer (the 5th performance in a 1985 comeback).
This references the 1985 art showing and performace at the Nexus Contemporary Art Center in Atlanta GA
"L-15's recent performances defy simple description. An Atlanta artist friend described it as 'basically a comedy act.' While I won't take strong exception to the characterization, I would add that it went beyond comedy. Like the late Lenny Bruce's schtick, L-15's stage act embodies implicit and explicit criticisms of society while taking the audience on a wild tour through the mind and imagination of a unique and brilliant artist. At the core of L-15's Nexus performance was a mock lecture titled "My Life as a Southern Visionary Folk Artist," prepared after his work was included in a group exhibit titled "Southern Visionary Folk artists," helix in North Carolina, under the auspices of the Jargon Society." Patterson continues to write that "He also gave the audience a pair of his well worn "hardscrabble farm" boots to pass around, as evidence of his simple, humble close-to-nature lifestyle. While the audience studied these items, L-15 showed off the larger, more delicate pieces of his work that decorated the stage."
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1986 through 1987
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1986 through 1987; Schatz goes to Roswell, New Mexico for Artist-in-residence, Solid Bodied Porcelain Raku is created during this period. A show that includes that art follows in 1987. Its brochure is below. The Roswell Artist-In-Residence Program: an Anecdotal History by Ann McGarrell with Sally Anderson (Foreword by Jonathan Williams; University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque; 2007; ISBN-13: 978-0-8263-4166-2
  pp 109 – 111; p 109 excerpt
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"For some, mass media becomes a surrogate for the individual imagination which they have lost touch with. Against this, one of the most important things the artist serves to remind us of is that individual imagination is still possible. L-15's artworks run contrary to mass media culture an testify to the authenticity of an individual imagination exploring itself". –Wesley A Rusnell, Curator of Collections, Roswell Museum and Art Center The Roswell, New Mexico Origin Story of L-15 and the Inter-Gallactic Angels. The brochure dated December 1986- January 1987, for the L-15 exhibit contains the hand written story on pages 4, 5 & 6. A transcribed version follows page 6.
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From a brochure for The Center for Contemporary Arts "L-15 is the latest in a series of singular pseudonyms adopted over the past couple of decades by the underservedly neglected artist Bernard Schatz. A native of California, L-15 has been making art and performing since the early 1960's. He currently lives in Roswell, N.M. where he has been in residency at the museum and art center there for the past year. 'L-15's art works run contrary to the mass media culture and testify to the authenticity of an individual imagination exploring itself.' Wesley A Rusnell" The Center for Contemporary Arts presents: Big Drawings, L-15 Intergalactic Angels (and others). June 19-August 11, 1987.


From 1989 Art Papers Vol 13 No.1 "The Relationship of Enlarged Basal Ganglia to the Urge to Create Art" Written and illustrated by Bernard George Schatz, B. S., L.P.T. (L-15)
Art Papers encourages artists to submit articles, discussion, or projects to us for the "Artist's Page" column. This month's column, an article by Bernatd Schatz which exemplifies the "malady" that it describes (see the foot notes), caused considerble controversy on the Art Papers staff, and we encourage artists to respond to Schatz, to other Artist's Pages (like Jerri Allyn's in the September/October '88 issue), and to submit material in any medium.
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From 1993 Self Taught Artists of the South "Not by Luck" pp. 54-58 Tom Patterson writes insightfully about the self-taught artists:
  "Does being self-aware, self-critical, clever and intellectually inquisitive disqualify one from serious consideration as a self -taught artist? These would seem to be highly useful qualities for a self-teacher – or any other teacher – to possess."
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VIDEO: March 1994 Gallery Neo opens in Charlottesville, VA Gallery Neo March 1994 Parts 1 through 4
L-15 with the help of friends shows his art with an opening night performance of "A Memorial to L-15 with Inter-Gallactic Angel Golk Golk making a public appearance on behalf of the late L-15" You will find the Memorial to L-15 at the 9:00 mark of the Part 1 video.
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From 1994 Art Papers Vol 18 No.2 L-15 created front and back Cover Art published by Art Papers March & April 1994
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From Jan-March 2004 Anderson Gallery brochure Virginia Commonwealth University's Anderson Gallery presents L-15
A 6 page brochure that tells about L-15 and describes his most recent and largest showing of about 5,000 pieces of art. (Please note that L-15, Bernard Schatz, has first hand experience with bigotry associated with the term "Jew" and wants readers of this brochure to know that the art series based on this term was intended to show this term within a context of beauty rather than hatred. The pieces were attractive and brightly decorated.)
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VIDEO: 2004 Anderson Gallery showing a Live Performance by L-15 ath the Grace St. Theater in Richmond, VA Yet to be edited and uploaded for viewing.
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From Feb. 1, 2004 Richmond Times Article Feb. 1, 2004 Richmond Times Dispatch article by Roy Proctor
"They swoop down from the ceiling, drip from the walls, soar up from the floor, spill out into the hallway and march down the stairs. Even so, don't call this often colorful, flamboyant, witty and highly original explosions of creativity an installation, at least not in Schatz's earshot."
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From Feb. 26, 2004 Charlottesville Daily Progress Newspaper article by David A Maurer L-15
  L-15 and Tom Patterson are interviewed for this article in response to the Anderson Gallery showing of nearly 5,000 works of art by L-15
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From Late 2004 Raw Vision article pp. 40-43 Tom Patterson tracks the multi-faceted fifty-year career of Bernard G. Schatz
"It was a chance encounter with a couple of small, idiosyncratic figural sculptures a little more than twenty year ago that led me to seek out on Bernard G. Schatz."
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From Oct 2004 New York Times Article Art Review:From the Outside, a World of Celestial Beings by Ken Johnson
"American Primitive Gallery in SoHo specializes in the works of so-called outsider artists – self-taught eccentrics driven by unusually intense creative and imaginative energies Its current show features an artist called L-15, a name given to him he has written, by"Intergalactic Guru Angels" who cured him of the mysterious case of internal bleeding in a hospital in Roswell, N.M., in the mid-1980's."


From 2014: The Tree of Life for Artists awards grant for "The Comeback of L-15 (2014)" Tree of Life Grantee L-15 / Bernard Schatz
Link to Press Release about Tree of Life for Artists Award
Art selections for the Tree of Life web site include Self Protrait of L-15 on Canvas with Acrylic Paint, Mask of Medea (grouped with mask of Jason), Inter-Galactacia #5 Acrylic on Plywood, "I Don't Know" Mask on Cardboard with Acrylic Paint, Self Portrait Head Cardboard with Acrylic Paint, Two Armed Kali with Vomitus, Multiple Materials (for detail view 3 minute description by L-15 of his Multiple Material Sculptures' materials and artistic process between the 3:00 and 6:30 time stamp of part 1 of his 1983 documentary.), Helmet of Jean D' Arc Sculpted Cardboard with Acrylic Paint.
L-15 creates a final art series he calls his White on White murals. The White on White Bas Reliefs


The White on White Series are created from layers of compressed cellulose and layers of gesso on torn cavas. "I like how they appear as if they were taken from the walls of some mysterious ancient civilization" –L-15
L-15 passes away in his sleep July 20, 2015.