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Raku Solid Body Porcelain Sculpture 043 (Mediume Size)
This piece and others date to 1986-1987 Artist-in-Residence program in Roswell, N.M. (Gallery Brochure)
dimensions: H = 9.75 inches X W = 7" X D = 2.25"
This Piece (#043) has an extended height and uplifted face in the common L-15 artistic expression of a 'cry to heaven.' Here the wings have taken on a more graceful design with a slight suggestion of being swept back in that 'cry to heaven' pose. The secret raku technique and ingredients of L-15 are here expressing even deeper greens and browns. The iridescent glimmer coming from the the deep brown is a subtle but fire like red (this appears on its lower back with the light at the correct angle). The texture is not extremely glossy but flatter and feels rougher. The face and the head combine the skull like features of some of L-15's other sculptures (L-15 has created some pieces as angel skulls only). An interesting cleavage of the back of the head is combined with its 'cry to heaven' look.
Solid Body Raku Sculpture 043 Medium Size
Solid Body Raku Sculpture 043 Medium Size
Solid Body Raku Sculpture 043 Medium Size
Solid Body Raku Sculpture 043 Medium Size
Solid Body Raku Sculpture 043 Medium Size
Solid Body Raku Sculpture 043 Medium Size (close up view)

Bernard Schatz aka L-15 (1931-2015) was an Artist for 60 years creating sculpture, paintings, drawings and performances (notably on Steve Allen's Show in the 1960s; movies are linked to the artist's site)

L-15 felt that his solid bodied abstract angel sculptures explored the outside limits of the angels' form & explored the outside limits of what is possible with solid body porcelain raku sculpture.

This piece was produced during L-15's year long stay at the Artist-in Residence program in Roswell, New Mexico. It was created along with others on display at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico June 19 - August 11, 1987.

"L-15's art works run contrary to mass media culture and testify to the authenticity of an individual imagination exploring itself."—Wesley A. Rusnell; L-15: Artist-in-Residence Exhibition: Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell, New Mexico, December 7-January 4, 1987.

Quote from audio interview with the Artist in 2014
"…the only way to get this effect of a heavy solid body raku piece (is) in an organic environment which I varied from pine cones to pieces of wood to anything I could find to things that I would specifically look for, varied throughout the season.

I spent a year in the museum ceramic room developing these raku effects.

If you look at these in better light you can see the flow of things and the sort of golden, you know the total effect."