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Who:  L-15, Outsider Artist for 60 years

What: Rare Raku Solid Body Porcelain Sculptures found in storage of Artist L-15

When: October 2014

Contact: Daniel@L-15.org

Bernard Schatz aka L-15 has been an artist for 60 years and is a recent recipient of the Tree of Life artist grant <http://bit.ly/YdRalt>.   Now, at age 82, he has found in storage boxes his Rare Raku Solid Body Porcelain Sculptures. He has begun photographing them to catalogue and place on his web site (L-15.org). The gallery page for these sculptures is: <http://bit.ly/1nTdmI6> where the first 5 pieces are available now, September 25, 2014.

L-15 feels these sculptures explore the abstract outside limits of angels' form & explore the outside limits of what is possible with solid body porcelain raku sculpture. (These pieces were produced during L-15's stay at the Artist-in Residence program in Roswell, New Mexico. These pieces were on display at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico June 19 - August 11, 1987 (see link to brochure copy –– http://bit.ly/1view57).

In the 1987 brochure for the original gallery showing of these pieces it states that: "A native of California, L-15 has been making art and performing since the early 1960s. He currently lives in Roswell, N.M. where he has been in residency at the museum and art center there for the past year. 'L-15's art works run contrary to the mass media culture and testify to the authenticity of an individual imagination exploring itself.' Wesley A Rusnell"

L-15 has loved, studied and produced art as far back as he can remember. Going his own way, not constrained by what happened to be in vogue at any particular time, he has been categorized as an Outsider Artist, a Self-taught artist and "Southern Visionary Folk artist." His artistic excitement led him to experiment and execute art in a wide variety of forms and materials. He prefers to work in seclusion, but over the years had an occasional exhibit. The latest was at the Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University in 2004, in which 5,000 pieces of his art were shown. 

All of the above links are included in the time line of movie and article documentation for L-15's artistic career at this web page: http://www.l-15.org/time_line_listed_articles.htm.