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Below are Parts 1-4 showing the 1994 Gallery Neo (March 4 - 25), Charlottesville, VA
Part 1 contains preparation for the showing, some the art of L-15, an introduction to the extemporaneous Memorial Service for L-15 and the Memorial Service as well.
Below is Part 2 with more of the art in Gallery Neo and a bit of a guided tour of Gallery Neo with L-15 describing and explaining some or the pieces.
Part 3 below continues the March 21, 1994 Gallery Neo Tour with L-15
Part 4 concludes the March 21, 1994 Gallery Neo Tour with L-15
Below will be a short edited down video of L-15's 2004 performance at the Richmond Grace St. Theater that occured at the time of his Virginia Commonwealth University Anderson Gallery showing January-March, 2004. This video will take longer to edit. It will be short, focusing on the performance. No art pieces will be featured in this video.