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Destroyed by water damage, no longer available


Cry to Heaven (zero) (W 16 X H 15.5 X D 16 inches)
It is obvious this is a painted cable spool. Cheyanne Schatz carved, painted and decorated many of the object he used on stage in his act. Cry to Heaven is the title he gave to this painted piece he had me photograph in 2014 at his home in Charlottesville, Virginia. I later noticed it was present on the stage of the Steve Allen show during one of Cheyanne Schatz appearances in 1963. It is not to be confsed with the later 1983 sculpture L-15 specifically referred to as Cry to Heaven #1. I have included it as the earliest reference to his artistic theme.
Cry to Heaven One
Cry to Heaven #1
Cry to Heaven #1