About etc.


Hi there! I’m Daniel Roell,  welcome to my blog for commenting on the Inter-galactic Art of L-15 and sharing news, photos and videos related to the art and that artist.  Together with you readers we will explore the fascinating art world and mind of L-15.

But, in full disclosure, I am a former Montessori teacher retired to become a computer consultant for ordinary people, users of Apple computers who don’t speak GEEK.  I think of myself as a traveling help desk for all sorts of clients who need to use and maintain their Apple computers for personal or small business needs.  One of those clients was an artist (Bernard Schatz or L-15 as he called himself) who passed away in July of 2015 and left me in possession of thousands of the pieces of art he created.  In his will I am described as a 50% owner of all this art but I am tasked with caring for it and promoting its sale.  The income from its sale is to be shared (the other 50%) with that artist’s other close friend (J.C.) who was the executor of his will.