L-15 Reflects and Introspects in 2014

Welcome to the Inter-galactic Art Blog for the Outsider Artist L-15 (Bernard Schatz).

L-15 was working on his last works [The White on White Murals] in late 2014 and applying for a grant for funding to finish two more murals for the set of ten.  He wrote a fascinating reflective and introspective narrative in response to a question in the application for that grant.  I would like to open this new blog on L-15 and his art with its first post containing that narrative.

—Daniel Roell

Narrative Statement by Bernard Schatz (L-15)

I have been interested in and making art as far back as I can remember. I read the Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini at age twelve and have continued making art throughout my life no matter what employment I was involved in ie. as entertainer (Obedia Klowder, Cheyanne Schatz etc.), physical therapist, or author of Chronic Pain: The Overlooked Simplicity. As a Physical Therapist I used my sculptor’s fingers to become acquainted with the tissues of the body. I know this knowledge also helped me in my art process. I have often throughout my life studied the works of artists using books, photos and visits to galleries and museums.

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