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L-15 Inter-gallactic Headgear (W8.25 X H 20 X D 8.25 inches)

This is one of his finest pieces.  A unique combination of his mixed media (he called it "multiple materials") sculpture and wire sculpture.  He described his process for creating the Multiple Material sculptures in the top movie on this page.  Note the time stamp if you wish to go directly to that location in the movie. http://www.l-15.org/movies_1980s_L-15.htm
The wire aspect may be a predecessor to the Porcelain Ceramic Inter-galactic Angels
while the head has the acrylic painted image style that also (and later in his career) appears in his Kreise auf Wallpappe

Also note that the fabric that covers the bottom of this Headgear can be considers a prededent to the Velvet Bodied Inter-galactic Angels


L-15 Inter-gallactic Headgear
L-15 Inter-gallactic Headgear close up on top
L-15 Inter-gallactic Headgear close up