Logo Banner of L-15 with Golk Golk
Looking back at the entrance to Gallery 5


View of person entering Gallery 5
As you walk in the walls behind you have the Kreise auf Wellpappe art pieces based on the Golk Golk & Tho Tho themes, angels from Inter-galactacia (three other sub-categories have been created). Above you is the flying sculputure of Golk Golk. On the right hand wall (left side of this image) are acrylic painted cardboard masks and the many plywood acrylic paintings from the theme of L-15's Dance with the Female Kaly Yuga. In the near foreground is apedestal of Aortas of Famous People. On the Front Wall facing the back of the gallery are arrayed many Kreise auf Wellpappe (Crayon on Corrugated Cardboard) Drawings of the many looks of Golk Golk, Tho Tho, the ever-changing eyes of Inger-galactic Angels. According to the Artist L-15 the thoughts and emotions of these Angelic characters are communicated in these colorful expresseions. They are now called "Other Kreise auf Wellpappe," in honor of newer categories not appearing in the Anderson Exhibit (the "Planet Ascara Series," Black & White Spine of the Minataur Series," and the "Other Black & White Series." In that back corner on the floor is the Wuxtra II Helmet and above it are an array of small medium and large acrylic painted cardboard masks.
Now notice the "You Are Here" map below and begin your tour by turning to the left to see the wall of Wire Faces and the Dance with the Femail Kali Yuga presentation. And last on the left is the back room and back wall of Gallery 5.
You Are Here floor plan with a few titles
Below you see the foremost of 2 glass enclosed pedestals. It contains a variety of mixed media sculptures including "The Money Transactory Robot,"
Front half of Gallry 5 (right) look at back half of Gallery 5
Close up of the Miscelaneous Mixed Media Scuptures that include Winged Thing, Jaw of Missing Tooth, 3 Cusped 2 Rooted Tooth, An Iota, Title Forgotten, a number of Eyeballs with Splurges, the Fish, the One Rooted Tooth, and the Money Transactor Robot, though it is very hard to see in the distant corner of the glass case.
Gallery 5 foremost pedesta on the right contains Mixed Media Sculptures including the Money Transactor Robot
Now you have begun to turn to your left to see the front half of Gallery 5 and part of the back half of Gallery 5 separated by a wall holding wire faces, masks, the end of which has Inter-galactic Wall Angels with muslin bodies and porcelain heads & appendages. In the far reaches of Gallery 5's back half you see the huge masks of Medea and Jason flanking the Giant Self Portrait Head of L-15, sculpted from corrugated cardboard and painted in acrylic.
Gallery 5 font half looking past walls of masks into back half of Gallery 5
Above you see as you turn further from right to left, Cry to Heaven II & the Inter-galactic Angel Bus in front of Gallery 5's back room (Medea & Jason & Giant L-15 Head on the back wall). Then hanging on the nearer front room's wall are masks: wire only, mixed media painted and the acrylic on plywood paints of Golk Golk (blue) and Tho Tho (green) Gazing Out from Inter-galactiacia.
Gallery 5 Front half looking back at wall to right of entrance
You have turned nearly 360 degrees to your left and you see that the Kreise auf Wellpappe art pieces are also on the right side of the entrance. In the corner are pieces of L-15's Mixed Media sculpture from the early years based on the Vietnam War (scroll down or detailed view). Three Brains with Eyeballs are included in this corner because at one time they were titled as brains of political persons famous during the Vietnam War era. One of the small acrylic on plywood pieces titled Golk Golk gazing out from Inter-galactacia is on the right edge of this image above matching the previous image's left hand edge.
Walking to the right of the Gallery 5 Front half we get closer looks at Kreide auf Wellpappe, Wuxtra Helmet 2 & Cardboard masks
The Gallery 5 Front half, front wall closer view. Closer view of the Cardboard Acrylic Painted Masks above the Wuxtra Helmet II are included in the web site's Mixed Media Masks, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the Cardboard Acrylic Painted Masks.
A look back at the front wall of Gallery 5's front half with Wire sculptures on pedestal in foreground and more of Golk Golk and Tho Tho Gazing Out from Inter-galactacia on the right edge of the image

A look back at the front wall of Gallery 5's front half (looking to the right corner) with Wire sculptures on pedestal in foreground and more of Golk Golk and Tho Tho Gazing Out from Inter-galactacia on the right edge of the image.

Closer look at the Vietnam Art of Bernard Schatz aka L-15
Here on the top step is the base of "Cone of the Vientnam War" which has the" Guerilla Meat Processor" then to the left are a sculpture called "Genitals #1" an to the left a smaller "Eyeball with Splurge." On the next step down circling counter clockwise you see the small figure of "War" next to another "Genitals #2". "Then down a step you see Foot of Goliath" and below that "Hand of KGB Agent," "Decorated Luggage," reflecting the war, then to the right the very large "Giant Eyeball with Splurge, "Tongue and Teeth," "Hand and Arm," (he describes in 1992 video) "The Lower Torso of Helen of Troy," behind (or perhaps attached to that) is "The Blader of Alexander the Great" and coming full circle at top center is the small "Guerilla Eyeball Rake" in front of a head that is an "Untitled Piece."
Before we go into the back room of Gallery 5 notice the pedestal that lies before the wall of wire faces & masks holds the Inquisition Interrogation Instruments #1 through #7. Next we move to the left passing the right hand partial partition with Inter-galactic Angel Dolls with linen bodies.
Passing by the right partition wall from the front to back of Gallery 5 a Wall of Inter-Galactic Angel Dolls
Close up of the enclosed glass pedestal for the Inquisition Interrogation Instruments #1 through #7.
Inquisition Interrogation Instruments #1 through #7 in front of the Gallery 5 wall of wire faces
Passing on into the back room (right side) of Gallery 5 we see Inter-galactic wall Angels with linen and velvet bodies (More Velvet Bodied Wall Angels are shown here)
Passing by the right hand partial partition with Angel Dolls on the wall
A closer look at the Inter-galacitc Angel Dolls hanging on the partial parition between the front and back rooms of Gallery 5
And on the left hand partial partition are more Inter-galactice Angel dolls, and some on velvet pillows.
Inter-galactic Angel Dolls with fabric bodies (linien) on velvent pillows
Wall Angel Dolls above the ones on the pillows
Angel Dolls on velvet pillows on the left hand partial patition between the front and back room of Gallery 5
A look around the left side of the back room of Gallery 5
Near on the wall is the "Colorful Jew" series, some of the Black & Whites, Oedipus "Happily Married" in the case
The near left wall holds the "Colorful Jew" series. Along the top of the far wall are Eyeballs of Galaxy 189, below are the India Ink Black & Whites and in the case is a series called "Oedipus 'Happily Married.'" Look closely in the near corner on the round pedestal sits the L-15 Inter-galactic Headgear.
And as we turn to the left we see the green "Female Outer Space Monster" shift to the left corner of the image. In the foreground glass case are the "Hex Blocks" from the Cheyanne Schatz Store circa 1964
Hex Blocks in the foreground case
If you look beyond on the wall are 2 of 3 Breasts of Famous Women up high on the wall is "Eye of Medea" and "Eyes of Antigone," beneath the "Mask of Medea" is "Two Armed Kaiy with Vomitus" the smaller heads mounted on the back wall, from left to right are "Head of Austro-Hungarian," "Head of Murderer," and "Head of 1897 Austro-Hungarian Grave Digger" Now, walk around the left of the "Hex Blocks" a closer look at the pedestal of "Oedipus 'Happily Married.'" is now available.
Oedipus "Happily Married" series
Out of sight to your left in the corner is the L-15 Inter-galactic Headgear and behind & over to your right in the middle of room is Cry To Heaven II
L-15 Inter-galactic Headgear
Cry to Heaven #2
Walking behind the pedestal of "Oedipus 'Happily Married,'" next we can walk over to the back wall (on your left) for a closer look.
Oedipus "Happily Married" series in foreground and back room of Gallery 5 behind
Now we are looking at the "Helment of Jean d'Arc" in the foreground
Helment of Jean d'Arc in the foreground of Gallery 5 back room back wall on the left
To the left and behind is "King Priam Gazing Upon the Destruction of Troy" (Hecuba, Wife of Priam is way beyond the "Deposit Box") and behind hung on the wall is "Head of Austro-Hungarian" to the right is "Icarus Falling" (which according to L-15, should have been hung on the wall) and just behind that is the "Deposit Box" (created for adult admission to censored art by L-15, such as the Breasts of Three Famous Women, also found on this back wall of Gallery 5)
Now to look at the back wall of Gallery 5, centered and up close.
Back Wall of Gallery 5 up close
To the right of the Inter-galactic Angel Bus is the iconic "Miniataur" who decorates the brochrue front cover of the Anderson Gallery 2004 Wondrous World of L-15 exhibit.
Now let us step to the right and look back at the whole of the back room of Gallery 5.
Looking from the right side of the back room of Gallery 5 toward its left side

The foreground right has a better look at "Hecuba, Wife of King Priam of Troy". Of course there's the "Minataur" to the further right against the wall and above is the very large "Mask of Medea," and hung on the wall a little lower is the "Head of Pygmy." There is a second case of "Hex Blocks" on the left in this view. The newly found document by L-15 (Cheyanne Schatz) that describes how to use "Hex Blocks." is included on the new Hex Blocks page also (satisfactory frustration guaranteed).

Now we step to our left for a better look at the back wall.
A better look at the right side of the back wall shows Warrior Maiiden and Two Figures more clearly
Now "Warrior Maiden" is in the foreground right and we reveal the "Two Figures" (an amusing but risqué sculpture). Above is a piece called "Creature of Ascara."