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Reproduced below are excerpts from the brochure of the 1985 SOUTHERN VISIONARY FOLK ARTISTS presentation by The Jargon Society in cooperation with The Sawtooth Center for Visual Design at the R. J. Reynolds Gallery, Winston Square, 226 North Marshall Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Curated by Roger Manley and Tom Patterson. During January 11–– February 10, 1985. (link to complete brochure).
BERNARD SCHATZ (a.k.a. "L-15") works in an apparently abaondoned barn in the Virginia moutains, where he creates idiosyncratic pieces that tread the boundaries of primitive, visionary and anti-art. A former entertainer, perfomance artist and on-mand band, he operated a dadaesque art "store" in California during the mid-1960s. There he blurred the distinceion between high and low art by selling art "by the pound," printing books like How to Slaughter Cattle for Fun and Profit, and setting up artificial companies like The Barger Decorated-Horse Factory. Since moving to Virginia in 1973, L-15 has produced sckulptures that clinically analyze his visions of brutality, sex and death in an oddly humorous, if baffling style.
L-15 in 1985 Southern Visionary Folk Art Gallery
The Artist L-15 at the Southern Visionary Folk Art Gallery in 1985
Masks (seen in the background above) by L-15 at: http://www.l-15.org/multiple_material_masks.htm
The "Living Sandwich Sign" (worn by L-15 above) from the Steve Allen Show 1960s era: http://www.l-15.org/more_movies.htm
Self Portrait Relief Sculpture for "Living Sandwich Sign"
Fun Songs Oratory Relief Sculpture
Obediah Klowder Fiddle Case Relief Sculpture
Before Bernard was"L-15' and "Cheyanne Schatz" he was Obediah Klowder playing inspirational songs on his fiddle. As displayed on the L-15.com web site at http://www.l-15.org/klowder_fiddle_case.htm
Klowder Fiddle Case
Klowder Fiddle Case Relief Sculpture Detail image
Klowder Fiddle Case Relief Sculpture Detail image
Reverse side of Klowder Fiddle Case